UNC Wilmington Technical Swimming Practices

The Cape Fear Triathlon Club offers Coached Swimming practices twice a week! These are practices focused on distance open water swimming for triathlons or endurance swimming. Come check out your first practice for free. We practice at the UNC Wilmington Natatorium. Contact Trent for more details at trent@capefeartri.com

  1. Sunday Technical Swims! Every Sunday at 7 AM are technical swim Sundays. 1.5 hours of a coached workout guaranteed to get you faster and more efficient in the open water. Pay each Sunday individually or save money to sign up for a 3-month session.
  2. Thursday Morning Early Morning Swims! Every Thursday at 5:45 AM we are up before the crack of dawn to get in that mileage. Come on out and get better! Pay each session individually

Payment options below!

Thursday Swims are $12.50 for each session

Sunday swims are $20 for each session or $124 for each 3-month block

Combine 3-month block for Thursday and Sunday swims is $200

Please pay via Venmo (preferred) at Trent-Hayden-1 or Paypal at trent@capefeartri.com or below